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I ico Earn 10 hours CPD for each completed course

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The Long and Layered Collection builds on your skills to provide perfect salon friendly and commercial layered haircuts for long hair. Featuring long hairstyles demonstrated by Aveda’s Bastian Casaretto, former Vidal Sassoon educators Graham Oglesby and Stacey Broughton and Australian legend Tracey Hughes, this online hairdressing course is perfect for busy stylists looking to provide their clients with wearable and manageable long hair. On completion you can download, print and share a CPD Certificate of Recognition endorsed by VTCT and ITEC.

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Long Layer Variation

26 minutesInstructor: Bastian Casaretto

Bastian Casaretto’s layered haircut tutorial begins with a simple graduated steep angle in the front areas. Bastian demonstrates finger angles, over-direction and elevation before moving onto the back internal shape with flat layering and over-direction through to the side areas for a soft, loose outline throughout the perimeter in the back. Bastian softens the haircut with freehand techniques for a soft movement around the perimeter. The result is a beautiful soft and feminine hairstyle with texture, body and movement that long haired clients will adore.


Long Graduation with Low Fringe

29 minutesInstructor: Graham Oglesby

Graham Oglesby's long hair tutorial is a long graduated shape starting with a controlled square outline below the shoulders, that incorporates internal graduated layering as its base, building on the cut with graduation throughout the shape. Graham further softens and tailors the haircut with freehand cutting and over-direction. The result is a youthful salon essential with movement and manageable, flowing locks.


Commercial Long Layered Shape

40 minutesInstructor: Stacey Broughton

Stacey Broughton's hairdressing tutorial is a commercial long layered shape, with two finished outcomes. The first is a commercial finish, ideal for both students and the salon, and the second a more creative finish for those seeking a stronger look. Stacey uses internal graduated layering, layering, graduation and over-direction to produce volume and movement and to produce a commercial, salon oriented finish for look one. For the second option, Stacey gives the shape a stronger feel by working a clean defined edge following the contours of the face to produce a strong, angled jawline for a bolder alternative.


Long Uniform Layer

49 minutesInstructor: Stacey Broughton

In lesson four, Stacey Broughton demonstrates a simple pure and even shape using a classic long uniform layered technique. Within the video Stacey provides essential information on body positioning, correct elevation 90 degrees to the head and finger placement. Stacey shows how to use pivoting sections with the correct distripution of internal and external weight to achieve this perfectly symmetrical and soft, face framing classic hairstyle.


Increased Layer

32 minutesInstructor: Tracey Hughes

Tracey Hughes completes this hairdressing course by demonstrating a soft and feminine salon friendly haircut, incorporating multiple classic layering techniques and over-direction. Tracey demonstrates the importance of body and finger positions, perfect sectioning and client suitability. The final result is a loose, commercial layered look with movement and texture, and a salon winner that you’ll return to again and again.

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