Men’s Hairstyles That Every Barber Needs to Know + Half Price Offer

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Short back and sides men’s hairstyles are a staple of all barbershops and are endlessly adaptable, once you have the basics mastered. Similarly, men have been requesting the modern quiff since at least the 1950s. Any good barber will be able to offer their clients variations of both these men’s hairstyles. Similarly, hairdressers with any male clientele should make an effort to master these haircuts. MHDPro has two online barber courses for each of these essential haircuts. Each covers five variations of the classic shapes, and are suitable for intermediate level hairdressers or barbers. Quiff It! The Quiff It! Collection covers five essential quiff shapes from a classic rock ‘n’ roll psychobilly haircut to modern and traditional flat tops and

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5 curly hairstyles perfect for summer styling and dressing services

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Summer is the ideal time for flowing bouncy curls and beachy waves. Clients cannot get a enough of curly hairstyles this season and we have five top techniques for achieving your most requested looks. The curly blow out The chic curly blow out is a fantastic way for adding glamorous waves and curls for a polished bouncy look. Product choice is key and this must be led by the characteristics of your clients hair. There is no one choice suits all when it comes to blow drying hair. Naturally curly haired beauties are going to require your best smoothing product whist your finer haired beauties are going to require a hair product with super hold. Once you have your product applied blast

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5 tips to boost your salon retail sales and increase your profits

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How would you like to instantly increase your profits without doing much work? No, it’s not a get rich dodgy internet scam. There are five very simple but very effective ways you can increase your salon retail turnover with only a small amount of effort. Ways that even your most sales averse staff can adopt and bring in extra dosh. Product understanding Letting your client know why you are using your products is vital to increasing salon retail sales. You use professional products in your salon, and you should be selling them in your reception. However, a rack full of products for different hair types doesn’t automatically transfer into salon retail sales. Starting at the backwash to final styling, your

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