Textured Hair Secrets Of The World’s Biggest Stars

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One of the biggest selling hair tools of the past few years has been the hair straightener or iron, as women around the world have tamed their natural curls and texture to suit a long layered straight style. Recently though, tongs and curling irons have been inching their way back into the bestsellers lists as curls have been making a comeback. It’s a truism that we always want the type of hair we don’t have. People with straight hair want curly hair, people with curly, textured hair want straight hair and people with no hair, well… just want some hair! A decent hairdresser should be able to work with a client and give them the best cut that suits their

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5 Common Mistakes Hairdressers Make When Cutting Curly Hair

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Being skilled at cutting naturally curly hair can help any hairstylist tap into a clientele that will remain loyal for years to come. When a naturally curly haired client finds a hairstylist that truly understands how to get the best from their natural texture, the client will become loyal for life! Read on to learn how to avoid the 5 most common mistakes hairdressers make when cutting naturally curly hair. Mistake #1: Assuming every client with natural curl longs for smooth silky locks This is the number one mistake many hairdressers make when they meet a new curly haired client for the first time. This assumption can immediately cause client distrust. The majority of curly haired clients want to know

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MHDPro.com now endorsed by VTCT and iTEC

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MHDPro.com is pleased to announce that all online courses are now endorsed by VTCT and iTEC. As of August 1st 2017, our CPD courses are no longer part of the City & Guilds recognition service. Our new endorsement by one of the world’s largest international awarding bodies provides greater recognition of the training and the certification in more countries than ever before. All MHDPro CPD Certificates of Recognition will now be endorsed with both VTCT and iTEC logos. Mark Butcher, MD of MHD Productions said, “We’re overjoyed to be working with a new international awarding body that will make our online hairdressing courses and online barbering courses more acceptable for employers around the world.” MHDPro.com is the only website in the world that

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