Blowout Fade Barbering Course

With New York Barbershop, Gary Woo, Stelios Chondros.

Duration 2 hour 23 minutes
Skill level Intermediate
Certificate Men’s Tapered and Faded Haircuts Collection


The blowout fade is a men’s short back and sides haircut with a fuller top, which is usually styled to produce a wind-blown look. Sometimes called the Brooklyn Fade, due to its popularity in the New York suburb among the hipster residents, the blowout fade works for both casual and formal looks.

Its hipster based origin also means the blowout fade works well with beards, but due to the very short fade area around the ear to the temple, the look requires a high level of barbering skill to work effectively and give it some real panache.

MHDPro has a range of online barbering courses with a CPD Certificate of Recognition endorsed by VTCT and iTEC. The Men’s Faded and Tapered Collection includes a number of fades for intermediate barbers and hairdressers, which give you the skills to build and adapt the haircuts to suit your individual clients needs and personal style.

The blowout fade haircut, or Brooklyn fade is a popular men’s haircut that incorporates a short back and sides close crop or fade, with longer hair on top. The top of the fade can be slicked and dressed, or more often, is blow dried to give the windswept blowout look. Sometimes called the Brooklyn blowout, due to its popularity in New York’s hipster suburb, this hairstyle has become popular around the world, combining a modern aesthetic with traditional barbering techniques.

MHDPro’s Men’s Tapered and Faded Haircut Collection features a variety of tailored haircuts in this style, from respected barbers including Amsterdam’s New York Barbershop, Shanghai’s Gary Woo and London’s Stelios Chondros.

The collection demonstrates both high and low fades using scissors, clippers and razors with variations of finishes of the longer hair and a tapered neckline. The finished hair can be styled with a range of men’s dressing products for a sophisticated business or evening style, or given a blowout for a more casual street look.

Learn how to cut and style in the Men’s Tapered and Faded Haircut Collection on MHDPro today. Our online courses are perfect for in-salon training, independent barbering training or tutor’s CPD. Every course is endorsed by VTCT and iTEC, the world’s largest awarding body and on successful completion of the course, you can download an exclusive CPD Certificate of Recognition.

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A technique for cutting hair. Clippers are used to cut hair following the movement over top of a comb.

Club Cutting

This is also known as blunt cutting. This is the most common way of cutting hair. Parallel to the index and middle finger; straight across.

Disconnected Cut

A haircut in which different lengths are created without being blended together.


Going from a shorter length to a longer length gradually with no appearance of lines or steps.

Graduated Line (Cutting)

Graduation is the build-up of weight, within a shape or on an external line, through the use of over direction.

Scissors Over Comb

This is a technique where the comb is used as a cutting guide for the scissors.

Tapered Necklines

A neckline that has soft outlines that follow the natural hairline shape. The outline appears to fade out with no harsh lines visible.