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Foundation Courses

MHDPro’s foundation hairdressing courses are specifically designed for those starting out in hairdressing or for those returning to the industry after a prolonged break.

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Intermediate Courses

MHDPro’s intermediate hairdressing courses are specifically designed for those working in the hairdressing industry, either as a stylist, colourist or tutor.

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Advanced Courses

MHDPro’s advanced hairdressing courses are specifically designed for experienced hairdressers, whether as a stylist, colourist or tutor.

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About Us

From the makers of MHD comes MHDPro, bringing online hairdressing and barbering courses with an exclusive CPD Certificate of Recognition on completion.

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MHDPro courses cover a huge range of skills and techniques. Each course consists of a series of video tutorials from the industry’s mostrespected educators, with every lesson building on the last to develop your skills and confidence.

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Each video tutorial builds on the last as you develop your skills and confidence until by the end of the course you attain mastery of the techniques and hairstyles. Our courses cover hair cutting and colouring tutorials, styling and dressing hair courses for many skill levels.

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Whether you’re at the start of your career or an experienced professional who wants to add a new string to your bow, our online courses – covering every level from foundation to advanced – empower you to learn at your pace and time.

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Our in-depth step-by-step videos and accompanying PDFs are full of advice and tips to help you achieve full understanding of the styles and techniques, which you can then use in your salon to keep your clients coming back for more.

Ideal for independent professionals as well as businesses, get the best training at affordable prices and learn at your own pace with MHDPro.