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This online barbering course from Dale Ted Watkins and Stacey Broughton is the perfect introduction to cutting men’s hair, featuring a range of classic short back and sides haircuts using a variety of barbering techniques including clipper cutting, scissor over comb techniques and clipper over comb techniques. This course is perfect for beginners starting out in the industry after college and for more experienced hairdressers wishing to expand their services and build a male clientele. On completion you can download, print and share a CPD Certificate of Recognition endorsed by VTCT and ITEC.

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Men's Basic Uniform Layer

47 minutesInstructor: Dale Ted Watkins

Dale Ted Watkins demonstrates a men's basic uniform layer haircut with a tailored fringe to achieve a classic masculine look. Dale uses a combination of blunt cutting, scissors-over-comb and clipper-over comb, together with layering and over-direction to achieve this men’s staple. The result is a versatile preppy, timeless haircut with an Ivy League look, and which can be easily adapted to suit the client’s personal style and features.


Short Back and Sides

27 minutesInstructor: Dale Ted Watkins

Dale Ted Watkins shows how to cut a traditional short, back and sides haircut or crew cut. The cut is achieved with a clippers-over-comb technique in the sides and back areas to achieve the square refined shape, with special emphasis on the connection of the top lengths and placement of corners as the key to the haircut. Dale also demonstrates how to tailor the fringe area and refine the perimeter with a scissors-over-comb technique.


Scissors-Over-Comb Crop

15 minutesInstructor: Dale Ted Watkins

Dale Ted Watkins' men's haircut is a progression from the two previous haircuts in lessons 1 and 2, utilizing the shape in the sides from the short back and sides look. Dale works a scissors-over comb crop throughout the top. The crop is further tailored using razoring and freehand cutting to suit the client’s head shape and features. The key is to work against the grain of the hair growth for an even shape to achieve a classic Suedehead style haircut, which is essentially a long crop with an edgy feel for your younger clients.


Short Flat Graduation

37 minutesInstructor: Stacey Broughton

Stacey Broughton's men’s haircut tutorial is a short flat graduated shape incorporating basic barbering techniques, such as scissors-over-comb and clippers-over-comb, together with a combination of graduation, layering and disconnection. The result is a neat tailored backdrop with flexible, moveable over-hanging lengths for a diversity of style and which can be worn up in a flat quiff, or smoothed down for a neat formal look.


Clipper Guard Crop

27 minutesInstructor: Dale Ted Watkins

Dale Ted Watkins demonstrates the fundamental rules required to create a perfect clipper guard crop, an essential skill for all barbers in his barbering tutorial. This men’s haircut uses a combination of clipper cutting and clippers-over-comb, tension and graduation to achieve a tailored look that goes beyond the standard short haired crop. The final result is a beautifully blended and crafted crop, clean and sculpted for ultimate suitability.

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