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I ico Earn 10 hours CPD for each completed course

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This intermediate haircutting course teaches you how to create a variety of pixie cut hairstyles of varying lengths to help you expand the repertoire of looks you can offer to your stylish shorter-haired clientele. Featuring five women’s short haircuts from some of the most respected hairdressers working today, each lesson builds on the skills learned to provide structured progressive learning to give you the techniques and confidence to transfer and adapt the looks to your clientele. The instructors include former Principal of the prestigious Vidal Sassoon London Creative Academy and respected consultant and trainer Michael Cohen, celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford, Aveda’s Artistic Director for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Bastian Casaretto and arguably the best haircutter in the world, Stacey Broughton. On completion you can download, print and share a CPD Certificate of Recognition endorsed by VTCT and ITEC.

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Round Textured Layer

22 minutesInstructor: Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen demonstrates a long pixie look with a Round Textured Layer Haircut that maximizes movement and versatility. This asymmetric hairstyle features disconnection and longer fringe for a softer feminine look. Within the tutorial you will use techniques such as elevation, blunt, point and freehand cutting, layering, over-direction and using tension.


The Agnes Pixie Cut

23 minutesInstructor: Lee Stafford

Lee Stafford continues in lesson two with The Agnes Pixie Cut, inspired by the supermodel Agyness Deyn. This is a timeless and versatile look that can be adjusted in length to suit your clients’ individual looks. To complete this short haircut you will use a combination of blunt, freehand, point and club cutting, disconnection, graduation, layering and square layering, over-direction, scissors-over-comb and texturising.


Short Round Graduation Variation Haircut

33 minutesInstructor: Bastian Casaretto

Lesson three’s Pixie look is brought to you by Bastian Casaretto. His Short Round Graduation Variation tutorial demonstrates a shape that allows more movement in the top area with a steeper crown for added versatility. To complete this tutorial, you will use a variety of techniques, such as blunt, point and freehand cutting, square graduation and layering, over-direction and elevation, and graduation.


Short Square Layered Haircut

45 minutesInstructor: Stacey Broughton

In lesson four Stacey Broughton demonstrates a Short Square Layered Pixie haircut that teaches you the placement of square layers on a round head and definition of the corners for client suitability. By completing this tutorial, you will master over-direction and the comprehension of head shape. Furthermore, the lesson uses techniques including blunt, club and point cutting, internal graduated layering, pivoting and using tension.


Short Round Uniform Layer with Conical Crown

48 minutesInstructor: Stacey Broughton

To complete the course, Stacey Broughton teaches a classic short pixie cut reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn. The Short Round Uniform Layer with Conical Crown tutorial teaches precise cutting techniques resulting in a fitted, elegant, soft-cropped look that enhances the head shape. Stacey demonstrates techniques including blunt, club, freehand, point and scissors-over-comb cutting; together with round and uniform layers, and over-direction.