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I ico Earn 10 hours CPD for each completed course

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This collection teaches you how to create traditional men’s retro haircuts with a modern twist. The five lessons - inspired by Elvis, polished heritage, the Ton Up boys and classic military looks - will help you develop and combine your traditional barbering techniques to create modern popular hairstyles inspired by the past. On completion you can download, print and share a CPD Certificate of Recognition endorsed by VTCT and ITEC.

Included in this collection


Three Tier Disconnection Haircut

21 minutesInstructor: Tim Hartley

In lesson one Tim Hartley demonstrates how three tiers of disconnection can sit in perfect harmony to create a powerful modern Elvis-inspired finish. This lesson features pointers on position of graduation, fading, disconnection and balance between extreme lengths. The result is a modern high sided quiff, with a pronounced high fade.


Square Graduation with Disconnected Fringe

22 minutesInstructor: Tim Hartley

Tim continues in lesson two with a modern reworking of traditional barbering techniques to create a seamless graduated fade. The final look is steeped in the heritage of the polished styles of the past, with a modern twist on the modern Brooklyn fade and blowout.


Flat Graduation Technique

34 minutesInstructor: Tim Hartley

Tim returns for lesson three to teach a new spin on a traditional retro shape. This lesson features a flat graduated shape with a tight hairline and strong fringe. The final result is a looser, versatile rendition of a classic cult barbering look of the 1980s.


Ton Up Boy Inspired Haircut

41 minutesInstructor: Dale Ted Watkins

In lesson four Dale Ted Watkins demonstrates a look inspired by the Ton-Up boys, a motorbike youth culture movement of the 1950s. The look incorporates three phases of technique: clipper-over-comb, low graduation and disconnection.


Asymmetric Bald Fade Technique

42 minutesInstructor: Sid Sottung

To complete the course in lesson five, Sid Sottung guides you through a classic bald fade haircut made popular by the military in the 40s and 50s. Sid’s technique has been modernized by incorporating asymmetry. You will learn how to achieve a fine blend from skin to apex using a variety of barbering techniques with a defining bespoke line.