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I ico Earn 10 hours CPD for each completed course

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With wedding season now extended year round, any time is the perfect time to brush up on your bridal hairdressing skills. The 5 videos in this online hairdressing course introduce dressing hair skills using a variety of braids, rolls, curls and plaits that allow you build your hair-up skills and incorporate techniques that suit the occasion and brides’ personal style. The techniques learned in the hairdressing course will give you the skills to develop your own interpretations and pass those skills on to other lucrative markets which require formal hairstyles such as proms, photo shoots and fashion shows.On completion you can download, print and share a CPD Certificate of Recognition endorsed by VTCT and ITEC.

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Braid Variations Chignon

26 minutesInstructor: Sharon Blain

Australian hairdressing legend and hair-up expert, Sharon Blain delivers a beginners’ introduction to braids that have been combined to create a complete look. Sharon demonstrates how the design, placement and balance executed with unfaltering technique can build a romantic and soft wedding hairstyle. Mastery of the braiding techniques allows you to develop your skills to transform any client’s hair depending on suitability and personal style.


Horizontal Roll Updo

24 minutesInstructor: Sharon Blain

Sharon Blain's second tutorial is a horizontal roll based around 1940's Victory roll, encompassing beautiful placement under the parietal ridge and occipital bone to compliment the bone structure. A slipped low placed halo of hair is then undone for a modern more relaxed feel. This is a fresh take on a vintage hairstyle that perfectly suits the style and attitude today’s inclusive cultural references.


Figure of 8 Technique Braid Updo with Cord Stitching

21 minutesInstructor: Sharon Blain

Sharon Blain's tutorial is a figure of 8 braid with a pull thread technique, which pulls the hair away from the face for a sophisticated up-do hairstyle. The final result is a quick hair up technique that’s perfect in a busy salon. A technique with a youthful style for formal events, bridals and proms conveying a carefree edge with disheveled curls, oozing sophistication and romance.


Soft Curls Updo

25 minutesInstructor: Michel Zeytoun

One of the most sought after hair-up specialists in the Middle east, Michel Zeytoun's wedding hairdressing tutorial demonstrates a timeless and classic bridal hairstyle featuring detailed step by step explanation of hair preparation, roller placement, tonging and pinning. Michel goes on to demonstrate a quick hair-up adjustment as an option for a change of outfit or an evening function. The final result provides cascading, voluminous, soft curls to create a luxurious, romantic look.


Classic Bridal Curls Updo

25 minutesInstructor: Callam Warrington

Editorial hairdresser and hair-up expert Callam Warrington of Callam W Salon’s tutorial is a classic bridal look combining soft, elegant curls and waves and features a loose undone outline and strategically placed pearls for simple and chic hair ornamentation. This video utilizes a number of techniques learned from the previous videos in this course and provides the framework for personalisation and adaptation to suit any seasonal event.

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