Learn artistic hair dressing techniques with X-presion from Spain, in exclusive online hairdressing courses from MHDPro.



Learn artistic hair dressing techniques with X-presion from Spain in these exclusive online hairdressing training videos from MHD. Marco Antonio Muñoz, Jorge Cáncer and José Luis Almendral make up X-presion the first company dedicated to Research and Development in the artistic and educational fields of hairdressing, developing new techniques of cut, colour and dressing; mixing different disciplines, materials and approaches. Their collections and activities delve into the world of cinema and art, as well as inspiring hairdressers with their unique education. Each one of their projects is a fusion of music, video, costume design or photography. X-presion's works have been selected for the covers of over 50 international trade and fashion magazines. In 2010, X-presion became the youngest hairdressers to receive the AIPP Grand Trophy, and achieved a record six time wins in the AIPP Hall of Fame. Their numerous awards include the New York Photo Award and National Photography Award (Spain), Spanish Innovation Gallery and Figaro Awards.

training courses by X-presion

Avant-Garde Hairstyles

 5 videos |  2 hours 13 minutes
Level: Advanced

This collection develops the avant-garde hairstyling skills required to allow your imagination to run free when creating your own bespoke looks. You will learn the importance of combining refined classic styling and dressing techniques to prepare the hair and build and attach avant-garde additions to achieve futuristic and fantasy inspired looks. This collection features tutorials from some of Europe’s most sought-after and inventive session stylists, including Ilham Mestour, Hestor Wernet-Rijn and X-presion. On completion you can download, print and share a CPD Certificate of Recognition endorsed by VTCT and ITEC.