Extreme Hair Wars – Flights of Fancy, Episode 4 Preview

Sarah Oglesby - February 14, 2018 Celebrity Hairstyles, Hairdressing Education

Extreme Hair Wars – Flights of Fancy, Episode 4 Preview

Don’t miss MHDPro’s Martyn Holmes and fellow judge Robert Masciave on episode 4 of Extreme Hair Wars on 5Star, as the battle heats up to enter the grand final of the avant-garde hairdressing competition.

This week on Extreme Hair Wars

Four more teams of professional hairstylists battle it out with two hair-raising challenges to tax their skill and imaginations to the limit, as this entertaining series continues. The theme for this week’s skills challenge is ‘Hair Balls’. For this task, the stylists need to wow the judges not just with perfect spheres of hair, but by incorporating them into a radical transformation.

Extreme Hair Wars

Extreme Hair Wars Ep 4 – Emmanuel Esteban’s make up artist putting the finishing touches onto the Flights of Fantasy look for challenge 2.

The first contestant Amy Russel goes for vintage glamour, turning her balls into pearls, while Joanne O’Neill creates a tower of hairy spheres decorated with gold leaf. Naomi Brooks takes inspiration from the Far East, creating a hairy ball bonzai tree with baubles. Emmanuel Esteban goes for volume, creating a whole head of hair balls from scratch.

Creative Challenge

This week’s creative challenge theme is ‘Flights of Fancy’. Martyn and Robert want high-flying ideas to whisk them off their feet – they have seen so many amazing and crazy hairstyles over the past three shows that the teams will need to reach for the skies to impress.

Extreme Hair Wars Ep 4

Extreme Hair Wars Ep 4 – Naomi Brooks’ oriental chinese dragon for challenge 2, flights of Fantasy.

Naomi creates a Chinese dragon complete with some eye-catching make-up, while Amy goes big with some expansive dragon wings decorated with braids. Emmanuel takes a sophisticated approach, creating dramatic hair wings that cover the model’s head and face, while Joanne leaves no stone unturned with a magical garden-theme decorated with flowers and feathers.

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Episode 4 of Extreme Hair Wars airs on Thursday 15th February at 8pm on 5star. You can catch up on all episodes here

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