Love is in the air with our romantic bridal hairstyles course

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Love is in the air with our romantic bridal hairstyles course

Take the time to nurture and develop your wedding hairstyles repertoire and you’ll see the benefits throughout your career.

From braids and plaits to rolls and curls, the 5 lessons in our Romantic Bridal Hair Collection will empower you to build up styling skills and techniques guaranteed to delight the bride-to-be, whatever her taste. And with Australian queen of hair-up Sharon Blain, Michel Zeytoun of Michel et Colette and former creative director of Vidal Sassoon, Callam Warrington as your instructors, you’re learning from the best.

Master braiding with Sharon Blain

Lesson 1 of the MHDPro Romantic Bridal Hair Course - Braid Variations Chignon

Braid Variations Chignon with Sharon Blain

There’s no getting around the fact that braids are a winner for weddings. So it’s appropriate that lesson 1 in wedding hairstyles is all about braids – and who better to teach it than multi-award winning Australian legend Sharon Blain?

We’re starting simple – so in this introduction, you’ll learn how to blend design, balance and placement to create a beautiful, romantic braided hairstyle. Once you’ve mastered the basic technique, it’s easy to add layers of complexity and adapt it to your client’s personal style.

Put a modern spin on a vintage classic with the horizontal roll

Lesson 2 with Sharon Blain - The Horizontal Roll Updo

Horizontal Roll Updo

The course continues with Sharon as your instructor in lesson 2, where you’ll be getting to grips with the horizontal roll.

Using the 1940s victory roll as inspiration, she’ll show you how to use placement to compliment bone structure, undoing a slipped halo of hair to give this quintessentially romantic look a contemporary feel. Developing your technical skills – from back combing to pin curling – you’ll delight clients with this gorgeous style.

Quick to perform: Perfect your figure of 8 braid

Lesson 3 of the MHDPro Romantic Bridal Hair Course - Figure of 8 Technique Braid Updo with Cord Stitching

Figure of 8 Technique Braid Updo with Cord Stitching by Sharon Blain

Glamorous yet cool and quick to put in: what’s not to love about the figure of 8 braid?! Sharon Blain takes the helm again in tutorial 3 of our wedding hairstyles extravaganza to demonstrate this speedy (once you know how!) technique.

Sophisticated yet youthful, your bride-to-be clients will love the romantic, dishevelled look you’ll create. In fact, this adaptable style is also incredibly effective for other formal events. A valuable long-term addition to your repertoire.

Get romantic with soft curls

Lesson 4 of the MHDPro Romantic Bridal Hair Course - Soft Curls Updo

Michel Zeytoun demonstrates a Soft Curls Updo in tutorial 4

There’s an instructor change for tutorial 4: Michel Zeytoun is one of the Middle East’s most sought after hair-up specialists – and you’ll know why after this lesson in creating cascading soft curls.

Michel demonstrates this timeless classic in easy-to-follow steps, with technical skills encompassing everything from roller placement to tonging and pinning. He also shows you a quick adjustment to create cascading soft curls for an outfit change.

Remember, every lesson is taught using our proven SEE-DO-STOP-CHECK methodology, meaning you’ll be motivated and empowered to pick it up fast.

Stun clients with beautiful bridal curls

Lesson 5 of the MHDPro Romantic Bridal Hair Course - Classic Bridal Curls Updo

Your final lesson – Classic Bridal Curls Updo with Callam Warrington

Your final lesson is all about curls. Building on techniques you’ve mastered in earlier sessions, former Vidal Sassoon creative director Callam Warrington takes the helm to demonstrate this timeless bridal classic.

Romantic, soft and elegant, you’ll create curling and movement and learn how to strategically place pearls for chic ornamentation. Your hairstyles wedding repertoire will now be well and truly impressive and your bridal clients await!

Don’t forget to download your CPD certificate after your course

Weddings are a lucrative business and our Romantic Bridal Collection gives stylists, salons and educators the tools and techniques to tap into this market. What’s more, you’ll gain ROI fast with our cost-effective training solution that’s revolutionising hairdressing education.


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