Subscription packages to increase salon visits and sales

Mark Butcher - May 18, 2017 Salon Business Ideas and Advice

Subscription packages to increase salon visits and sales

In an ever more competitive world, it is the salons that offer added value to their clients that stand out and will prosper. Added value doesn’t always mean super discounts or giving free stuff. The latest way to increase client retention is to offer some form of subscription package that will keep clients returning on a weekly basis.

There are a number of repeat services that all salons could offer, and by tempting your clients with a monthly fee to balance the payments, it’s a great way of maintaining a steady income.

Unlimited Blow Dry Subscription

Matthew Sockalingum of Matthew Luke Professional in the UK bagged the 2016 Most Wanted Award for Innovation after he introduced his unlimited blow dries package for clients. With an average of 6.8 visits per month from his 40-60 active Blow Dry Pass members, he has a steady stream of clients and a steady monthly turnover.

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The scheme has been so successful his salons also now offer an unlimited men’s haircutting subscription and an unlimited men’s shave and haircut service.

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Extensions Subscription

Everyone knows the costs of adding, maintaining and removing hair extensions, and many salons now offer extensions as a specialist service. However, most charge per service, but a few are now offering clients a full maintenance service as an add on, including styling, cleansing and removal. The client knows the price up front and the salon makes sure the extensions are always in tip-top condition and the client always looks her best.

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Bridal Subscription

Bridal hair is now a year-round market and there’s no better way to ensure the bride looks her best than with a full pre-wedding hair care regime in the months or weeks running up to the big day. A bridal package might include monthly hair treatments, gloss treatments, colour treatments and regular trims. This will ensure that when you prepare the hair on the morning of the wedding, the client’s hair is in the best condition it can be and your job is much easier and quicker to achieve. As a monthly subscription the cost is spread for the client, and you have regular income.

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Subscription Fears

Subscription services may not work for every salon – it depends on the services you can offer, the amount of time and chairs you have and of course your clientele. You may worry that clients may fail to pay their subscription, and yes, they may cancel. But then they simply don’t get the service.

If you’re concerned that they’ll take advantage and visit too often, there may well be some who will, but there will also be some who don’t visit enough, and you could always put a limit on the offering. Remember though that gyms, that run a monthly subscription model, make more money from the members who pay to never go than from the daily visitors.

It's always worth remembering the additional bonus opportunities you'll get to increase your retail from regular visits, as well as the value of word of mouth advertising from regular clients with always perfect hair!

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